BankAmericard® Secured Credit Card

Many adults as they enter college don’t have a credit score. Luckily for them, possibly even you, there is a category of credit cards that they can be approved for: Secured.

What is a secured credit card?: A credit card that requires a down payment.

I recommend the BankAmericard® Secured Credit Card, it was the first credit card I was approved for and it helped me build a credit score.

Recommendations before applying:

  1. Relationship with Bank Of America (Checking/Savings/Etc)
  2. The minimum $300 refundable deposit ($4,900 if you have the money)
  3. Patience (Please note: You’ll most likely get your first credit score 6 months after you get approved for the card.)

How to apply? It’s simple, go here and click Apply Now.

Best of luck! If you’re not approved, in this case I would recommend going in branch to verify your identity so that you can be reconsidered.

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