Review of the 2% Cashback Inspirus Visa Signature Card (2017)

2% cashback on all purchases + a gold and black card… Do you need another reason to apply?

So, the card’s design might make me slightly biased, so let’s look at the pros and cons before making a decision.

First off Inspirus Credit Union is promoted by University of Washington for its employees. Take that as you will, but you need to work/worship/live/ or go to school in the state of Washington to be able to apply. So, if you don’t meet those requirements, take a look at our other credit card reviews: Click Me

What are the benefits?

  1. 2% cashback on all purchases
  2. No annual or foreign transaction fees
  3. Visa Signature benefits such as free concierge, price matching, etc
  4. The card looks sexy
  5. Read #4

Sorry, but I had to mention how sexy the card was again. So how does it stack up against other credit cards?: This seems like 0 hassle card with its benefits and fees laid out for you. Very simple, make your payments on time, get 2% cashback, and get Visa Signature benefits.

What’s the variable apr?: 9.50% – 15.50% based on your credit worthiness

Is there an introductory signup offer?: No

So is this card worth it?:

Meet the location requirements? Yea this card is pretty good, even better than some of the larger banks premier credit cards. The only draw backs are that Inspirus is a credit union, This will not be an easy card to be approved for (so I would only recommend applying if your credit score is over 720)*, and there is no introductory signup bonus. Other than that the benefits are solid and you do end up supporting a local business, so yes this card is worth it. (2% cashback is always nice)

Apply here:

(Note: You also probably need to make at least $20,000+ to be approved, so in terms of student credit cards, this is unobtainable for most college students.)

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Edit: Sherry Lotze made a comment regarding how obtainable the card is, I will not edit my original words, but take what she said into consideration.

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  1. Sherry Lotze Reply

    This card may look like a semester abroad, but it’s attainable like an internship at your dad’s office.
    Sherry Lotze
    VP of Marketing -Inspirus Credit Union

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