Review of the Citi Double Cash Credit Card (2017)

2% Cashback on every purchase + 0% Apr 18 Months Balance Transfer Offer

The Citi Double Cash is one of the best credit cards out there for daily spending. You get 2% cashback on every purchase you make (1% when you make the purchase + 1% when you pay your balance). On top of that you get one of the longest balance transfer offers out there!

So… Let’s move onto the card’s benefits:

  1. 2% Cashback
  2. General Citi Credit Card benefits such as Citi Price RewindExtended Warranty, etc…
  3. No annual fee

So… Is this card better than the Citi Simplicity? Yes.

Is this card better than Citi’s Student Credit Card? Yes.

Let me tell you why: You don’t earn cashback with the Citi Simplicity, so that’s an easy victory. On the other hand the Citi ThankYou Preferred Card gives you points, not cash. What does that mean? Your points are generally worth less than a cent, specifically if you redeem points for cashback you only get 83 cents per the point (Read more: Here or Here). + On the Citi Double Cash you always get 2% cashback, instead of Citi’s ThankYou preferred that gives you 2 points on certain purchases.

So should you get this card?: Yes, I use it for my daily purchases because there is no category I’m limited to for 2% cashback. + You can get 18 months of 0% Apr on balance transfers! (Similar to the Simplicity)

Do note: You need a credit history of at least a year and a credit score of at least 680.

Apply here:

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