How to EARN $$$ by Opening a Bank Account!

Looking to open a bank account? Want to earn money from opening an account?-->

This guide is for you.

Banks commonly offer $$$ for opening an account with them (normally a checking account). All you need to do is find an offer you qualify for, sign up, fulfill the requirements and wait.

For an example let’s take a look at BMO Harris’ $200 Checking Account offer: Click Me

Requirements to get the $200:

  • Have at least two direct deposits of any combination of a paycheck, pension payment, Social Security payment, or other government benefits payment of $300 or more each electronically deposited into the account from an employer or outside agency within 90 days of opening. We reserve the right to request documentation that the direct deposits qualify.
  • Cash bonus is not considered part of the opening deposit and will be reported to the IRS for tax purposes. You are responsible for any applicable taxes. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer, is non-transferable and is limited to one per account.

Step 1) Find an account that qualifies for the offer:

Step 2) Enter in your information…

Step 3) Fund the account (you can use a credit card) 

Step 4) Complete the requirements

Step 5) Receive you $$$ after X amount of days

It’s that simple. I recommend viewing Doctor Of Credit’s list of bank bonuses to see if you’re interested in any: Doctor Of Credit also complied a list of credit cards you can use (to avoid it being considered a cash advance):

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