Looking for a Dedicated Card(s) for Free Trials?

Spotify, Graze, etc all offer free trials of their service. The problem is, that sometimes you forgot to cancel the trial and then you owe X company $10. Privacy.com, offers a solution. They give you disposable cards that you can use for trials!

How does it work?:-->

  1. You sign up and link your bank account. (Use our referral link to support the site: https://privacy.com/join/DPEHG)
  2. Chose if you want a single merchant or one time use burner visa card.
  3. Make the card spending limit $1, or whatever the trial will cost you.
  4. Sign up on the free trial and try to remembering to cancel. If you don’t, they can’t take your $$$ because you set a $1 limit.
  5. Rinse and repeat if you want.

That’s it, you can make multiple virtual visas for different trials.

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