Review of the L.L.Bean Visa Credit Card (2018)

Shop at L.L.Bean a lot? Take a look at our review of their (up to) 10% cashback credit card offering!

Most stores these days have either a store card or actual credit card (some have both). L.L.Bean is no exception to this rule, so let’s take a look at the card’s benefits and see how it stacks up other stores and discount offerings.

Aside from the company’s free shipping policy, given to everyone, what are the card’s benefits?:

  1. Free return shipping
  2. Free monogramming
  3. Exclusive sales

Cashback rate:  3% at L.L.Bean (valid at L.L.Bean’s businesses in the U.S.), 10% at L.L.Bean Outdoor Discovery Schools, and 1% on purchases everywhere else Visa credit cards are accepted.

Annual Fee: $0

Introductory offer: SAVE 15% on today’s purchase* upon approval and use of your new L.L.Bean Visa Card.

*Please read their website for limitations, as for some larger purchases such as a firearm will be excluded.

Thoughts: This card is alright, and if you shop a lot at L.L.Bean then this is a good credit card offering. That being said, normally for store cards/credit cards you’ll receive 5% cashback on purchases with that company (ex: Bestbuy and Amazon), so that should be kept in mine. The introductory offer is alright, but if you were just getting the card for the introductory offer, I would recommend looking at discount giftcard websites: Click Me. So, if this card was just for a one time purchase, avoid the credit hard pull and just buy a discounted giftcard (around 14% off at time of post). But, if you know you’ll be purchasing a lot at this company and hate buying discounted giftcards, then this credit card would not be a bad decision.

Apply here:

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