Chase Starbucks Credit Card Cashback System Released


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You may or may not have heard about the new Chase Starbucks credit card, and fortunately a Doctor of Credit reader, Paul, has posted a link to the potential advertisement for the card:

Here’s the breakdown according to the Doctor of Credit post:

As noted by the article, the cashback is absolute garbage. You need to spend $500 for a free drink/food item (125 stars), assuming this spend is outside a Starbucks store. Now, of course UP TO 3 STARS, may allow for giftcard purchasing + 2 stars per the dollar on Starbucks purchases (totaling 5 stars to the $1?). If those stack, then you can receive a free drink/food item after $25 in spend.

All in all, this card is garbage unless “Barista Picks” are straight up fire. It’s just better to rely on star dashes to earn your free Starbucks rewards, this is not worth a hard pull + a new account on your credit history.

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