UPDATED Bitcoin Manufactured Spending (2018)

Recently MasterCard and Visa has made Coinbase and possibly a few other cryptocurrency sites process as a cash advance. This means purchasing bitcoin may cost you more than you want to pay. But, Bitcoin Manufactured Spending in 2018 is still possible! Read more about the MasterCard/Visa update here: Click Me

So, unless you want to deal with cash advance fees, I highly recommend trying out some other ways to buy bitcoin (or manufacture spend):

  1. Check out LocalBitcoins, you can buy bitcoin with with Paypal or other payment methods. If you do chose to buy bitcoin with Paypal, you only need to pay the 3% fee + seller’s markup fee. This is normally a better option than paying cash advance fees + coinbase’s or other companies fees.
  2. Check out /r/giftcardexchange, Amazon gift cards normally sell for 90%+ of their value for bitcoin. Combine this with 5%+ cashback on all amazon purchases (certain credit cards will offer this), you’re paying 5% or less for bitcoin.
  3. Find a private seller who is willing to sell bitcoin with Venmo, Paypal, etc… This is your last option and is difficult for many. But, these credit card transactions will not process as cash advances, so it’s still better than paying the cash advance fees.

Reminder: Bitcoin is volatile and is capable of gaining 10%+ in a day, that being said it can also drop 10%+ a day. This is a more risky method of manufactured spending, and it is highly recommended to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with caution. Do not buy more than you can afford to lose. It is also recommended to lower your cash advance to $0.

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