Review of Moviepass’ Subscription Service 2019

With a bunch of new movies coming to theater, you probably heard a mix of reviews about Moviepass. Does it really offer free movies? What are the catches?

I’ve had Moviepass for about a month now and it’s everything it says it is. You get 1 free standard (2d) movie a day, and that’s for as long as you stay subscribed. What’s the catch? If you stop paying your subscription, you’re banned for 9 months.

That being said, why would you? Moviepass is one of the best bangs for your buck out there. Moviepass is cheap. If you get the Costco deal ($90 for a full year), you would only need to see about 7-9 movies to get your money back.

Some of the main concerns are about Moviepass banning people, but if you stick to their rules you won’t get banned. What are the most broken rules?:

  1. No split tender transactions. It doesn’t matter if you’re upgrading to a 3d movie or paying the difference because your Moviepass card did not have enough funds in it, do not split tender transaction.
  2. No buying concessions with the Moviepass card.
  3. You can not check into a movie at one theater, and pay using your Moviepass card at another theater.

Those are the most common bannable offenses, check out their TOS for more info: Click Me.

Has their been any issues since I signed up?: No. I’ve actually been having a really easy time with the application and their service. I go to a movie theater, check into the app on my phone, and then I swipe the Moviepass card at the kiosk. Simple, and very hassle free.

Would I recommend the service?: If you’re planning on seeing more than 10 movies this year, then yes. Get the subscription from, and follow the instructions to sign up. It’s very simple and you get your Moviepass card in about 2-3 weeks. Of course, it’s always recommended to ask Reddit or read their TOS if you have any questions or think you might be breaking one of the rules.

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