Review of the Ollo Rewards Credit Card (2018)

Looking for a dedicated credit card for gas station, grocery store, and drug store purchases? With up to 2% cashback, you might want to take a look at this card.

Who is Ollo? They seem to be a credit card company with an interest in educating people (college students) on general credit information. Looking at their articles, I highly recommend you reading them to help strengthen your knowledge on credit cards: Click me

Onto the Ollo Rewards Mastercard…


  1. No over the limit fees.
  2. No returned payment fees.
  3. No foreign transaction fees.
  4. No rate hike when you make a late payment.


  1. 2% cash back on all gas station, grocery store and drugstore purchases
  2. 1% cash back on all other purchases

Annual Fee: $39

Introductory Offer: None

Is this card worth getting? (Long Version): Originally I was going to compare this card to a (no annual fee) flat rate 2% cashback card such as the Citi Double Cash or Inspirus Visa Signature, and say this card was trash. But, it looks like this card is marketed toward college students as an entry level credit card, so it will be treated as such. In comparison to THE BEST entry level credit card, the Discover It Secured Card, Ollo has its strengths. The Ollo Rewards credit card is a Mastercard, therefore accepted almost everywhere credit cards are accepted (even overseas!). This is unlike the Discover cards which are normally not accepted at smaller shops. The Ollo card also does not require a security deposit like the Discover card, which can be a huge plus. That being said, the annual fee of $39 makes it an nonrefundable security. Solely for that factor, I still believe the Discover It Secured Card is a better card. + The card also lacks benefits Discover offers with their cards. But, this is a good alternative alternative because of the lack of foreign transaction fees and larger acceptance overall. I would not keep this card in the long run though, annual fees hurt your overall cashback %. What do I mean by that?: You need to spend $2000 on 2% cashback categories (in a year) to break even with this credit card. Ultimately, it would be recommended to get the Discover It Secured Card because of the benefits and lack of an annual fee.

Is this card worth getting? (Short version): Yes, if you can’t get the Discover It Secured Card. The benefits of owning a Mastercard with no foreign transaction fees is nice, but not really worth the annual fee if you can help it.

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